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About The Founder



Kelly Liggan

Even as a child, I always dreamt of designing clothes and following a career in fashion. I remember dressing up in my mother's gowns and parading in front of the mirror. I loved rummaging through her closet and putting outfits together. But my life took a different turn; I became a professional tennis player and spent eleven years on the WTA tour. Although I played in all the grand slam tournaments and became Ireland's number one ranked tennis player, nagging injuries forced me to retire in 2009. It was during this time that I met my husband and moved permanently to Florida. However, all those years of playing tennis and traveling the world did not dampen my passion for fashion design and owning my own company; so the idea for Zanboor was born. I wanted to start something clean. As an athlete I always took very good care of my body and mind. I ate healthy, exercised tirelessly and above all, tried to maintain a healthy mind. I wanted my creations to represent who I am; my philosophy of life: eating natural, organic foods, exercising and enjoying our earth. Zanboor means "bee" in Farsi. Bees are essential to our health. They cultivate the earth and produce honey. Honey is mentioned in the Avesta, the Zoroastrian's book. Aristotle, Pythagoras, Hippocrates, Homer and Galen have written about it. In ancient Iran, Egypt and China, honey healed many ailments. The phrase "honey is the essence of life" is not an exaggeration. A dap of honey and lemon in dark brewed tea not only helps colds and flus, but it sooths the soul.

But most importantly, separating the two syllables in the word Zanboor produces the words "Zan" and "boor", which in Farsi mean "Woman" and "blond"; a blond woman.