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Frequently Asked Questions
What does Organic mean?
Organic means that everything used is natural and found from the earth without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizer or growth regulators. Our focus at Zanboor is to introduce activewear for children that is, safer and healthy for them to wear and not be exposed to any man made chemicals.

What are the benefits of organic clothes?
Organic clothes do not contain any man made chemicals and toxins, they are soft and easy on your skin. We feel that organic clothes benefit everyone and are especially helpful to people with skin allergies and sensitive skin.

Does wearing organic clothes help others?
Yes! Not only does organic help whoever is wearing it but it also helps the enviroment by cutting down on fuel and energy which in turn emits fewer greenhouse gases. Organic also creates a safer and healthier environment for the farmers as they are less exposed to the chemicals and toxins used in regular clothes.

How do I know which size to choose?
Once you reach the detailed page of the item of clothing you are looking at, you will find a size chart available which will show all the measurements. Please note, some shirts will fit differently, so please make sure you check the sizing of each individual item. We also will inform you on any items that come up a little smaller or larger than normal on the description pages of our website.

Where does my order ship from?
Zanboor's headquarter are in Sanford FLorida. All shipments will be sent from there.

What is Zanboor's Return Policy?
For detailed information on this, please go to Rturn and exchange Policy.

Does Zanboor offer gift cards?
Currently Zanboor does not offer gift cards. This is something they hope to offer soon.